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Being 6 weeks postpartum with my little angel baby I wanted to my review and tips on POSTPARTUM, NIPPLE CARE and DIAPER RASH  with other mamas (daddies and others too) that are going to have a baby and are planning one. This will also I heard about this product while I was suffereing from Hyperemesis gravidarum (the extreme side of morning sickness) and was prescribed medication. I was looking for a ginger tea that was good for nausea. Then i stubble accross their products at my local health foods store. I busted out my cell phone to see the reviews this company had, and after investing I tried out the Organic Morning Wellness Tea (not pictured here). It is basically a “ginger-minty” tea  as they describe. I am glad I tried it because if it was just straight ginger tea I know I would have turned my nose at it.  I then tried their other products as pictured. I try to use mostly natural products on myself and family. This company uses natural ingredients. What the garden of Eden provided for us to use and heal us. I greatly enjoy that they were so affordable. I mostly got my products on Amazon and at Sprouts (check the coupon section in the vitamin area, I scored 2 dollars off each product)  I enjoyed the postpartum products and in love with the must have diaper rash and nipple butter. I will give a (try to be brief) review of each below:

Postpartum Bath Herbs 


After giving birth in my tub my lady parts were very sore and sensitive. You have to basically keep clean by soaking your bottom half in water known as a sitz bath and that greatly helps and speeds the healing process. 

Brew the tea in a separate boil with boiling water it comes in a large tea bag. Let that brew while you setup the bath. Get help please! You just gave birth. Add the brewed tea to your bath. I would use two bags sometimes and stick it the bag and brewed tea in the tub altogether. My sister bought me the three pack on her prime account on Amazon and it arrived that day! 


  • all contents/healing herbs comes in a enclosed bag you can toss out after or compost if you didn’t stick the bag in bath after brewing 
  • You don’t have to strain out the herbs out of the bath you want ease of use at this point 
  •  all natural product that won’t irritate your sensitive parts
  • Mild, pleasant scent that is relaxing


  • Bags are a bit sensitive, some tore and contents spilled while in bath (I just let what I couldn’t strain out go down the drain)

New Mama Bottom Spray


Trying to urinate after giving birth stings! Thank God I didn’t tear when giving birth just a minor scratch. Even with that scratch I burns to pee. Using a perineum  bottle aka peri bottle, you can dilute your pee by using the bottle filled with water. BUT I would also use this handy little spray and pour a bit of the liquid inside my peri bottle. Since it has all the goodness of herbs and Witch Hazel which I great for healing the peri area. Of course it is just awesome by itself as a spray, no opening of bottles just spray. Especially because it hard to hold your pee in as your bladder nerves are temporarily damaged. Just spray when you need a refreshment after you use restroom.


  • Ease of use
  • One bottle lasted my whole recovery time
  • Refreshing but not irritating 
  • Again, all natural ingredients


  • none personally encountered

Mama Bottom Balm


Similar healing power as the spray but in a balm form so only dip Clean Hands is a must to dig into it. I would smear some on my postpartum cloth pads and even on some chlorine-free disposables (you don’t want any chemicals on your open wound you are trying to heal!) This product was not a must have for postpartum, I could have lived without it but it was nice the first two weeks. BUT it is so versitle use it as a balm for pain relief on itchy bug bites! 


  • You only need a smidgen each  use and I have so much left over for future pregnancies 😉
  • Extremely refreshing peppermint (which is a con as well)
  • Extremely versatile 


  • If you don’t like peppermint it’s not for you, it’s very overpowering. It was amazing the first week or two but after a while it slightly stung. 
  • Side note: I used my peppermint Castile soap the other day and I associated the smell to those first two weeks postpartum, yikes haha! 

Natural Nipple Butter

A literal God sent this stuff is amazing. This is a must have in my life! It has the best combination of ingredients around town. Since I gave birth at home and my angel baby didn’t want to feed when my midwife was around to show me I didn’t know how the heck to breastfeed. I didn’t prepare myself properly I thought it would come natural. Clearly my husband didn’t know, all my family was far back home. Therefore, my nipples were cracked and bleeding from the first few days of struggle. My friend gave this me when I expressed my struggle. I really wasn’t fond of my other nipple balm I was using. When I started using this one I noticed a huge difference. I am a huge believer in calendula flower which is this butter. I used to grow it back home and it is a powerful healing plant. Combined with the other ingredients it really helps heal the nipple fast. My mother in law which is a midwife but far away in London also suggested that I let my own breastmilk dry on my nipple it is a powerful healer too, but it was not like the balm that kept my nipple moisturized. So I used a combination of both and boy my nipple healed within hours. Put this on after every nursing and breast pumping session. It keeps the pumping parts lubed up so not hard friction between the nipple, areola and flange. Put this on nipples before you jump in the shower it will be a protector against the shower head hitting your poor sore nipples trust me. Because this company uses such great ingredients all products are so versatile. I use this as my new favorite lip balm now.


  • Versatility
  • Safe to be ingested by baby, no need to wipe it off
  • Keeps sore, cracked, dry nipples moisturized and ‘lubed up’ 
  • a little goes a long way
  • Lanolin free


  • None!!

Angel Baby Bottom Balm


My little one hasn’t had too much diaper rash. She had some redness irritation twice which I used on it and not surprised that it was healed within hours. I used in on her irritated armpits and neck fold make sure you clean those areas often! If you don’t believe me you have to see it with you own eyes. Like everything else in this review it’s all natural products with healing powers (properties). It is basically like the nipple cream but with more/different healing herbs and ingredients. Used with clean hands you can use it on cuts and wounds as a multi-purpose healing balm basically. Another huge plus for me was that it issafe on cloth diapers. Which we plan on using once our gifted disposables run out.


  • All purpose healing balm
  • Safe for baby sensitive skin
  • Ingredients


None!! You will gain more than you’ll ever lose.

Thanks for sticking with me on this long review! I can’t wait to try more of their products I highly recommend this company. My next shoppin trip I want to try the angel baby body wash mamas rave about. 

P.S. I hope to make videos in the future, when I get enough equipment:) 


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