Hello, My name is Mamachava (pronounced Ha-Vah). Thank you so much for visiting my blog this blog has been a distant dream of mine since 2013. I briefly started a travel blog in 2013 when I was in college living in the city of Los Angeles with a host family. I was only to take public transportation and be “immersed in the culture” as they said. I can expand on my college days later, if anyone is interested. Anyways, I took hundreds of beautiful pictures for that blog but I was so busy and plugged in everywhere that I literally had no time. Now that I am married, living in a different state and have a 6-week-old newborn, I want to finally start this dream. I am in my mid-twenties and loving life, I hope that this lifestyle/parenting/productreviews/everything blog will help you reading out there. I am also hope to help and connect with others with the same interest as my family and I. To life:)